Design in the Drupal Universe - Follow-up report from DrupalDesignCamp Prague 2010

drupaldesigncamp prague

Follow-up report from the first European DrupalCamp about frontend Drupal development.

Drupal has a reputation to be primarily a tool for web programmers, code geeks and PHP ninjas. Not at least because of the commitment of Mark Boulton, the redesign of and the new Drupal 7 user interface, this seems to change slowly. People see that frontend developers are an important target group if Drupal wants to keep up with competing products such as Word Press in any way. Some more thoughts about Drupal's target group orientation can be found here.

In this sense Prague has been the host town of Europe's first DrupalDesignCamp oriented entirely on front-end developers, designers and co this November. The event was born at the Drupal Association community event during the Drupalcon in Copenhagen and in no time organized by Marek Sotak and

The venue has been a movie theater in Prague's city center. In a pleasant atmosphere and comfortable chairs we listened to Drupal front end experts from all over the world.

Noteworthy are the sessions of Bojhan Somers (UX maintainer for Drupal 7) on the importance of design in the Drupal universe and by Andrew Larcombe on design-orientated presentation of maps.

There has been also a very productive discussion about how to improve the involvement of designers in the Drupal community. As a result, the development of a Drupal distribution built for designers has been announced (Designer Starter Kit):

In a nutshell this event with about 140 participants has shown that front end developers are willing to engage within the Drupal community.

The next Drupaldesigncamp will take place in mid of next year, possibly in Berlin. There will be for sure no lack of interest but I hope for a broader program of talks. In Prague I have been waiting in vain for sessions like one for Mobile Development or HTML5. But one should not complain about the sessions program, especially when one has done itself no contribution to it.

Let's see if the Drupal community opens up more or if Drupal remains (just) the favorite CMS for PHP developers. But the launch in Prague was an awesome event and we will know more at DrupalDesignCamp 2011. And we will definitely be there!

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