State of Drupal - Drupalcon London Keynote by Dries Buytaert and more

Drupalcon Keynote Audience
During Drupalcon's first keynote Dries Buytaert presented the current state of Drupal. Here are some of it's most interesting facts:

  • Drupal's grow seems to continue, especially in the field of large media organizations (Sony, Universal, NBC), but also in education (39% of all .edu websites run Drupal) and technology (Twitter, Cern, Intel, Symantec).
  • Another interesting fact is that Drupal is growing faster in Europe than in North America.
  • Dries thinks we failed to communicate the benefits of Drupal 7 well enough.
  • He points out that there is a lot of improvement possible when it comes to marketing.
  • Dries presented the outcome of the "State of Drupal" survey with about 3000 participants.
  • Most mentioned words to describe Drupal were: Flexible, Awesome, Powerful, Complex, Community.
  • Biggest challenges for Drupal seem to be: Usability and ease of use, configuration management, determining which modules to use.
  • Survey showed also that there is an significant increase in the number of people earning their living in Drupal.
  • Drupal is in an unique position to become the standard for enterprise websites and to replace legacy platforms. It has the flexibility to power many different types of sites (main site, intranets, extranets, microsites, commerce sites...).

See this and more in the keynote video:

Apart from that there is a lot of discussion about Drupal's growing core complexity, some developers see Drupal core to be not maintainable any more. We'll see if this healthy discussion leads Drupal 8 to become really strong and the "amazing release" it needs to be.


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