About Drupal Content Management

Drupal is one of the leading content management systems under the open source products. Drupal's strengths lie especially in the modular expandability, in the extremely versatile range of contributed projects and modules and in the very active and growing developer community.

Above all media companies (Warner Brothers, MTV, etc.), open source projects (Mozilla Firefox, Ubuntu, etc.), governments (USA, France, various Open Government projects) and NGOs (Greenpeace, Amnesty International, etc.) run their websites with Drupal successfully. It is also often used for knowledge management and business collaboration.

Drupal in Austria

We are very active in the local Drupal community and have been organizing regular usergroup meetings in Vienna for several years now. More info can be found on the brand new Drupal Austria website. In 2009 we organized the first international DrupalCamp in Austria, more events to come.

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